Monday, January 18, 2010

8 weeks today!

Yep, they are 8 weeks already! And both were sleeping, so I thought I'd do a quick post, but now Lucy is suddenly screaming, so I guess not! I was going to post that things are going so much better and my house is in order and over all I feel pretty great...but it'll have to wait :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

6 weeks already?

Well, here we are, 6 weeks after the babies arrival, and I still feel like I'm treading water--barely. The babies are so wonderfully cute and adorable and sweet--usually. But they sure do have their moments--often at the same time. And it is truly a "Bittersweet Symphony" to hear both of them screaming their little tiny heads off. But sometimes just can't get to them right away. I just can't. So they cry. And other times I've got BOTH of them, in my arms, rocking, patting, and swaying like a mad-woman, and they are still "singing" for me. Oh my.

And dare I mention my house? Which looks like "new babies" and "Christmas" exploded and will never be recovered--ever!?!?! I mean, we have gear and gifts piled everywhere. Everywhere. And my other sons who live in their pj's (until my oldest has to go to kindergarten, and we have the mad rush to find a semi-clean piece of clothing.) Which brings us to the ginormous volcano of clean laundry that continues to spew all over my laundry room floor. And meals? Well, they can hardly be called that. Unless someone else makes them--which they have. (Thank GOD for But my children are eating. They are being fed. But actual "meals?" Well, that might be a stretch...

And then there's me. I was pretty miserable being pregnant with these twins. But I Still do not feel good, physically. I still have weird pains and twinges, and my hip still kills me, and my hands hurt all the time, as do my feet. And I still have the pain in my pubic bone. And my tummy will NEVER feel the same, after being stretched to Timbuktu and back. And then the c/s incision and scar. And I'm still exhausted after exerting not-much energy. I'm not sure that I'll ever feel better. I know I'm still carrying around a lot of extra weight, and my exercise is still practically nothing--we don't' even go for walks b/c it so frigid here. And even after being cleared to exercise now, I can't possible imagine when or where I might be doing THAT! {And so here I sit, having lost 33 of my 56 pounds I gained with them. And after I lose that, I've still another 30-35 to go, which is weight I've gained from my other pregnancies and life in general...}

And can I complain about my b--bs for a moment? They hurt. All. the. time. They hurt before I nurse b/c they are so dang FULL. And after they hurt b/c they have just been ravaged by two power-suckers fro 30 minutes straight. They hurt in a bra b/c they are sore. And without a bra, they are so heavy I could cry. Even the shower provides no relief.

Nursing two just isn't as nice as nursing one. Especially that 3am feeding.

And speaking of that, guess what? They are both stirring , which means all out screaming in seconds flat, and that will lead to even more pain in my b--bs, until they are hooked up and eating once again. I never had such sensation caused by the crying of my babies. Each scream causes new tingles of pain...Ouch!

But I LOVE these babies--I really, really do! I'm so happy that they are here and part of our family. I'm just venting here--where else can I, really?
I'll close with a picture from the day before they were born. It amazes me to see this picture. I am SO glad that's not me anymore. I'm SO blessed to have Will and Lucy in my life now. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with them. Amen.