Tuesday, March 30, 2010

F-O-U-R months!?!?

Yes, the twins are 4 months old, and I haven't blogged for ages! Yikes, but who has time? There is just so much going on, regular, everyday stuff, and it doesn't seem worthy of a posting, and then, before I know it, they are 4 months old already!
They are doing really well, still nursing and growing. We were at the doctor last week, and Lucy is up to 10-15, while Will has fallen back to 10-5. He needs to take in more, more, more, but unfortunately he spits up like no one's business, so it's tricky. I am working with a LC, so we'll see how he does.
We have a decent schedule starting to form, with a few naps a day, although we are still working on getting them to sleep in their cribs for their naps--now it starts there, but usually ends up in a swing or bouncy seat. And they are sleeping great at night, usually feeding around 8:30 and then again at 10:30 then out for the night. I'd like to push their bedtime up earlier, but they aren't going for it--they always wake for that nightcap before a full night's sleep. I know these are my last few days/weeks of night-nursing, and I will miss it, so I'm trying to enjoy those quiet, cozy moments.
The weather is finally starting to show signs of warming up, so we ahve been able to go on some nice walks, taking big brother to school or everyone to the library. And going out with the twins makes you a mini-celeb, for sure! But I really appreciate the kindness of strangers as they hold doors or talk to my boys.
The cloth diapering is also going well, although not perfect just yet. In fact, the babies sleep much better at night with a disposable, which I only discovered after Will got a bit of a rash that we couldn't kick, so I put in in disposables to use the hard-core butt cream. So, for now, they are in disposables all night--I will try the cloth overnight again once their skin is a bit less sensitive.
So much to talk about: cloth diapers, sleep schedules, growing babies while nursing, finding quality hubby time, starting solids--when? But these few minutes in the morning, when I have my coffee, eat my breakfast, and check email, facebook, and read a few blogs, and then the babies are up and at 'em, and there's no more time until everyone's in bed, which is when I just sit on the couch for a few minutes with my hubby. So, the blog isn't getting done. Oh well. That's my life!
But the smiles and talking from these pumpkins make it all worthwhile--the only thing better than waking up to a tiny baby smiling up at you, is doubling that with two toothless grins! The BEST!!!