Friday, December 18, 2009

3+ weeks with the twins...

Ok--it's been a awhile--I guess I have been a little busy :) So, the babies are almost 4 weeks old already--time is flying by, of course. I thought I'd post my uneventful birth story and a few pics, while Will is in the sling, nursing. I am home alone with all 4 of my kids today, for the first time since they were born, as my mom went home. So far, we are surviving... So, the story... I went in for my 37 week appt, on the monday before t-giving. This was when I had been hoping to have them, all along, b/c it was the holiday week and my kindergartener didn't' have school all week, and my DH had a few days off, too. But they wouldn't schedule me this early, so I Was scheduled for my c/s the next monday. Anyway, my DH and I went to my MFM appt at 8:30, for a cord-flow doppler study and NST, as the babies were measuring pretty significantly different weights the week before (A was 5-1 and B was 6-10 they thought :) Anyway, everything looked fine at the MFM appt, but I did have a bit more protein in my urine, so they were asking about any other symptoms for pre-e, but I had none. Even my BP was very low still, as always. So, home we went. My DH works in the city, and takes the train there, about an hour ride, so he decided to head into work at that point, instead of going to my OB appt at 10:30, b/c I said they would just find all the same results. So off he went, and I went to my appt. Well, my OB didn't like th e protein in my urine, and didn't want to wait around a fe w more days to see if it turned into full-blown pre-e. So he says, "when was the last time you ate or drank?" I was surprised by this, and didn't make the connection that he meant he wanted to deliver them that day! But I had just eaten and drank water before the appt, so he said to take my time, get my kids set up withe childcare, etc, and to head to the hospital later that day for my c/s. I was shocked and excited, as this was what I had been hoping for all along. So, I called my DH, who had to turn around and get on the next train home--bummer for him :) Then I headed home, make a million phone calls, showered, cleaned up a bit, hung out with my boys, and went into the hoptial around 4:00. The next 2 hours were surgical prep, and it went very fast. then at 6--into the OR for the c/s. It was quick and easy--I didnt' feel a thing the entire time! IT was so thrilling and emotional when they showed me my babies, born just one minute apart. I was filled with adrenaline after that and felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. It was of course love at first sight--and I cried much more than I had after delivering my other boys. This journey was just so much more long and difficult...but sooo worth it! In recovery, I didn't feel so good and was sick a few times. I tried to nurse Will, but I was too groggy and felt too yucky, so he just went to get cleaned up instead. Later, in my own room, they both nursed like champs! My recovery went really well--I took all the pain med I could get, and was up and about a little on day 2. I sent the babies to the nursery each night, where they had formula (so I could sleep--take it while you can get it, b/c at home you don't' have that option!!!) I stayed 5 days, and went home the day after T-giving. Things at home have been great--hectic at times, but really fun, too. I am in love with my tiny babies and can't wait to get to know them more as they grow. My boys love them--especially my 5 year old. We've had a lot of sickness in the house with my older 2 boys--colds, pink eye, ear infections, croup--with a midnight ER visit--but that;s life with school-aged kids and a closed up winter house. But the babies are healthy as can be, so I am thankful! they have both gained a lot of weight already, too, with my only nursing them. I am thrilled about that, too! The evenings are the roughest, as one or both usually cries inconsolably from 6-9 or 10, but they are sleeping great at night, only waking to eat and then back to sleep. ...Ok, both are stirring now--gotta run.... Sorry for ALL the typos--I tried to catch most, but my brain isn't quite functioning yet... More later! Oh, here's a link to my pics on FB-- Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link:

Monday, November 23, 2009

Today's the BIG day!!!

So, after all my appts today, had some protein in my urine, and the OB decided to just take them today, rather than wait to see if any more signs of pre-e show up. So today's the day I'm going to meet my babies! Can't wait!!! I will post again once we are home...later this week! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2009

36 weeks--still pregnant!

I had my 36 week u/s and NST today, and once again, all was well! Yay!!! We've reached the *average* gestational age for twins, so anything past today makes my babies *above-average* right???

Both babies look healthy and strong, and they passed the NST even before the 20 min. time was up yet!

So, the big news today was that there appears to be a pretty significant size difference between them. Baby A is measuring 5 lbs 1 oz, while his sister is measuring a whopping 6 lbs 10 oz! So that puts him in the 22%ile and she's 75%ile. We had to have a consult with the MFM doc, but he says b/c everything else looks so good, he's not concerned. So, in they stay!

I really thought we might be having them today, but no. So, he says he wants me to do another NST in 1 week, and another cord doppler reading in 10 days. Then he's quiet for a minute, then says, "Except, I don't think you'll still be pregnant in 10 days, so let's do the doppler reading in a week also."

I don't know why they say these things to you, about when they *think* we'll have them babies, when really they have NO IDEA! But, I still like hearing it! I'm hoping that next week (if we DO make it that far) I can talk them into scheduling the c/s a little earlier, rather than waiting until Nov. 30. I'd really prefer to have it scheduled, rather than go into labor, while my DH is at work in the city or during the night when we'd need to wake people to come over to watch the boys. Anyway, I've said all along, I wanted to have them Thanksgiving week, and that is still what I'm hoping for... We'll see!

I didn't have cervix check, and won't until next week, so I have no idea if I've made any more progress on that front. Not that it really means anything anyway... But Baby A is STILL breech, although his BIG sister managed to flip from last monday to this monday, so she is now head-down! Why won't he turn????

Oh well... Grow, babies grow, especially my l'il peanut!

Not long now....I can't wait to meet you two!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

35 wks--aka: it's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

Oh, the hormones!
As of yesterday, at my 35 week check, everything was, once again, perfect! Such good news, and yet, I can't seem to stop crying :) I am an emotional wreck.
The OB said everything looks SO good, and I am doing SO well, and then asked how I was feeling. And I just couldn't even keep it together. I couldn't talk. I just cried.
{I am crying again typing this.}
He sympathized, as best a male OB can, and said, "It's hard, isn't it? It's ok that it's hard. Your body is doing a lot of hard, hard work right now." And then I got myself together, left the office with a big, red, splotchy-faced smile, and got in my car and started crying again--and cried all the way home. My aunt was watching my boys, and I couldn't even stop crying when I went in the house. She, of course, thought something was wrong, so I quickly assured her, that no, everything was great, but I still can't stop crying. UGH!
I feel like such a baby, but I am so tired of this. I want to be done, and yet I want to keep them in as long as they want to be there, so that are as big and strong as possible when they are born.
So, I'm focusing on the positives--my babies look very healthy, I am very healthy, my other 2 boys are very healthy, and at the MOST, I have 20 days left. But at this point, each and every day feels exponentially harder...and there is just no relief. My skin feels strectched to it's absiolute limits, the babies seem to busting out at every angle. And, oh, yes, I am measuring 44 weeks right now--imagine that on my 5'2" body!
And to top it off, I am pretty frightened about the c/s, too, so that doesn't really help...
Ok, ok, ok--enough of my pity party! Compared to many, many, many women who are pregnant with multiples, I have little to complain about, so I'll just simmer down now!
Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

34 weeks, and the OB called me a STUD :)

Yes, that's right--he said I Was twin-momma stud! Everything is progressing very well--no complications, no troubles, no worries...

(::knock on wood::)

I have to say, it's kind of nice to be a boring high-risk OB patient!
And that even though I am more uncomfortable and crabby than I have ever been in my entire life, it's all for good reason and producing the results we want.

The NST was great this week--the babies both did great, and it only took about 45 minutes--yay!

And at my OB check, I'm still dilated just a tiny bit, almost 1 cm. And my cervix is still long and high, so labor doesn't appear to be imminent.

So when will labor be imminent? I wish I knew. We discussed a scheduled c-section, and got in on the schedule for exactly 38 weeks. I was pushing for 37, but he wouldn't do it, so 38 it is. But he agreed that this is really probably not when we will meet the babies, as they will probably decide to come on their own before then. But he's just guessing, of course. Having done with before, with singletons, I was exactly 39 weeks with each one, so I tend to go a little early anyway. But it is nice to know I have an end in sight--still a bit of a ways off, but it is in sight now :)

So now I am praying that Baby A will flip (still) so we can have a vaginal delivery, and that the babies will stay put until they are able to stay in-room with me instead of the NICU, and are able to latch and nurse without too much trouble. We'll see if they'll agree to these requests...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

An On-Line Cloth Diaper Education

So, there's a lot of info on cloth diapers out there. I am really, REALLY big on research and real life users, so I've found a message board I like, as well as some blogs I like to look at for reviews, etc. I've also some links to good online stores, as well as the one that has a location nearby wher eI can go and actually see and feel the diapers.

As I've said before, I think we will go with one-size diapers (adjustable, so you won't need to buy new as babies grow--especially helpful with twins who *might* not grow at the exact same rate) with pocket inserts (removable, for speed in drying). There are many other options, including all-in-ones, which take longer to dry, and prefolds, which are your more old-fashioned style of diaper, with a separate waterproof cover.

The brands that I am liking best (but haven't tried any yet--obviously :)--are Smartipants, Bum Genius 3.0, and the Gro-Baby System. I also have some fuzzibuns. I'm still torn b/w the velcro closures and the snaps--both seems to have pros/cons. I'm planning on getting some of both so I can see for myself....
Here are links to each of those product pages:
Fuzzibuns: (bad website for info...)

~video reviews: I like these b/c you see the diaper being put togther and used and hear what the reviewer has to say:

~blogs I like to keep an eye on for info & articles:

~message boards and sites I like for info. Has good info for how to wash and dry, and how to solve problems, etc. There are probably others that are more active, but this one has info on stripping the diapers (which is washing them to make them waterproof again, after some soap build-up) and fixing stink issues, etc. You do need to use special detergents that are not soap to make the diapers work better, be waterproof, and not need to be stripped. I even found a "recipe" for making your own detergent somewhere...I'll have to find it! I'm thinking of buying the Country Save first. really FULL of good info!

Cloth Diaper Stores

There are really tons more options and ideas out there--this is just where I am starting and the info I have found most helpful, so far. I'm certain things will change once the babies are born and we actually start *using* the cloth diapers.

Monday, October 26, 2009

33 weeks--woo-hoo!

Another week, another great milestone! It feels so good to get this far without any complications!
I had another OB check and NST today, and the babies are doing great! The NST was a bit slow at first, even though I ate a BIG breakfast, so they had to get out the "buzzer" which is a loud buzzer they place on my belly. The loud sound startles the babies and made them move around like CRAZY!!!! After that, they passed with flying colors, but it took me a long time to get them settled down again. My poor babies--I'm sorry to do that to you--next time I'm going to eat some chocolate before I go to get them moving on their own :)
My bp was low still--great news! So, for as lousy as I am feeling, the babies are happy as can be!
The one new development is that I have begun to dilate--just a tiny bit. Dr. said it was a fingertip to 1cm, so not much, but it is a change fro
m where I have been before. He also said my cervix is still very long, so he doesn't feel that labor is imminent. But if he had to guess,, he'd say we'll meet these babies by 36 weeks--yippee! That's really my goal, anyway, so let's hope he's right!
We got our 2nd crib from a friend, and it is set up in our bedroom, so the babies can sleep in there until we are ready to move them into their room. I also got a used EZ 2 nursing pillow, so we'll see how that works out. Some people love them, some hate them, and some don't end up nursing both at all. So, I figured buying one gently used on craigslist was the way to go! Let's hope it works great and I'm able to tandem nurse both babies for a good long while! Although the pictures on the website are bit you can see here :)
I tell ya, this twins thing is just CRAZY!!!
And here I am--actually 32 weeks here, but haven't taken another pic--will take one for the 34 week november--yay!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

32 weeks and all is well :)

So, I know it's been ages, but there really isn't much to report--happily! So far I have been blessed with a fairly uneventful twin pregnancy, and for that, I am so thankful! I'd been worrying throughout this journey that we wouldn't be able to handle many complications with our two other little guys at home. I mean, how could we survive bedrest? Or extended hospital stays? So, Ive been doing all I can to take it easy--rest and relax as much as possible, and all other things, like housework and shopping, have been handled by my wonderful husband :)
So, this week we have reached that wonderful milestone--32 weeks! I am so happy! We had an ultrasound on monday, and everything looks just great! The babies are both growing nicely, with Baby A weighing 3 lbs, 15 oz, and Baby B weighing 4 lbs, 6 oz. Baby B has always been bigger than her brother, so I wasn't surprised by this news. I'll be curious to see how big they end up, as it seems that so many times, these u/s estimates are kind of far off. but my tech says there is only a 1/2 pound of give or take--hmmm, we'll see :) But no matter what, they are growing and getting bigger--yay! My other boys weighed 7-5 and 8-2, so I'm already topping them, and I've still got a good few weeks to grow!
The only news that I didn't like hearing was that Baby A is still breech, and shows no signs of turning--I think he's very comfy right where he is--although his sister has been kicking him in the head for weeks now, so you'd think he's like to turn around, just to kick her back :) In fact, that's what I'm coaching him to do now, when I talk to him--wonder if he'll listen? If not, we're sure to have a c-section, which I'm not thrilled about, but we will do it if we have to.
I also had my first weekly non-stress test, and that was a piece of cake. Both babies passed with flying colors, and it was a nice chance for me to sit back and relax--who knows how many chances I'll get to do that?
And as for me, the further along we get, the more uncomfortable I feel. I'm just not sure how these next 6 weeks are going to go--it's so hard right now. I can hardly walk, sleeping is so uncomfortable, and my belly is just so huge and uncomfortable, too.
And the latest is that my face is really starting to puff up--my lips are so full--it's ca-razy! But the rest of my face is full too, which is not nearly as appealing :) I swear my nose has even grown--hope it'll return to normal afterwards. My fingers and toes have started to swell, too, nothing major, but not so comfy. And I'm hot--very hot, anytime I'm out in public anywhere. I feel like a furnace, set on high heat--ugh!
Well, taht's about it for now. I promise to update more often, especially since so many of the pregnant twin mommy blogs I've been reading are now having their babies :) Oh, and I'll post a new picture shortly--although it's not a pretty picture :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

My First Cloth Diapers!!!

So, I had a little party/shower with some of my friends last night, and although they think I'm cRaZy for thinking about cloth diapers, especially with twins, they are supporting me :) And, along with some adorable new baby gear, they bought us 2 cloth diapers from FuzziBuns. I was so excited to get my hands all over them, and I have to say, they were VERY impressed with the diapers also. They had gone to a new local cloth diaper store in a nearby town and had "lessons" from the owner on the different types an styles that are avaialble, and they chose the Fuzzibuns as their preferred daiper :) And they also gave me a very generous gift certificate to the store so that we can go and buy some more. I am so excited! And thankful for such kind friends!

For those of you who are not familiar with the new generation of cloth diapers, here is a video of the new one-size FuzziBuns from one of my very favorite cloth diapering websites, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer. Aren't these diapers awesome?!?!

I have to give a shout-out to the store, too, as they have an online store as well as their new storefront, so I encourage you to check them out if cloth diapers interest you! The store is called Comfy Bummy (so cute!) and I encourage you to check them out!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

30 weeks--And were those contractions?

Well, I'm so happy to report that we have made it to 30 weeks without any troubles to speak of. And I'm feeling like I can make it now, just a few more weeks. I can't walk, I can't bend over, I can't sleep, and I can *barely* wipe my bum (!) BUT I feel positive that these babies are going to keep on baking for at least another 4-6 weeks for me, and I'll enjoy these last moments with them inside of me.

I was at the OB on monday, and everything is checking out perfectly, so I can't complain. One new development is that I need to up my iron supplement, which I am already taking from 1 pill/day to 2. It is hard to believe this, as I feel like such a carnivore, but I'll do what they say!

We also will be starting NST's at 32 weeks, and will do them weekly. I've never done an NST in my other pregnancies, but I guess it's just another precaution to make sure all is well in my "baby-house." Conveniently, the first NST is the same time, same place as my next ultra sound, so we can do them both at the same time. After that, it'll be double appointments, as I'll be seeing my regular OB and going to the MFM for the NST every week--ugh! More babysitters for the big boys....

Now, about those contractions...let me just remind everyone that I have done this before--twice. I should KNOW what contractions feel like, right? But last night, around 1 am, I was lying there, feeling some tightening and some pressure that kind of felt like I had to go poo, and it took me a few minutes before I clicked that these might be contractions. And then--PANIC MODE!!!

What??? Contractions??? NOOOOOOO--I'm only 30 weeks--this can't be happening yet! I'm going to have a complication-free pregnancy--no pre-term labor me! And please, no bed-rest--we can't do that with our other two kids! Needless to say, my mind was RACING--full speed ahead--who should we call? Who can come over here in the middle of the night so I can go to L & D? Or should I just go alone? And my older son has field trip today--who will take him? And on and on and on....

Then I calmed myself down, got my big old body out of bed, and went to the kitchen to drink a few big glasses of water. then I laid back down, on my side, and proceeded to time/count the contractions. My MFM and DR. Luke both said 6 or more in an hour, so that's what I was hoping to avoid. Well, I had one more, much less intense than the couple others I'd already had, and then, to my surprise, not another. I calmed my little head down, stopped panicking, and fell asleep, without another twinge to be felt!

So, now I know--I'm going to be panicking about this if/when it happens again! I need to sort these things out, and make some arrangements. Because although I'm feeling pretty good about reaching 30 weeks, I still have quite a ways to go, and I do not want these little pumpkins to be born just yet.

Stay put, little ones! Although I complain every day about wanting you out, it's not really your time yet! All in good time....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cloth Diapers (with Twins?!?)

Well, I'm 29 weeks now--really feeling it! I'm pretty sure I am the size I was when my other children were born, and I've still got a LONG way to go--yikes!

But I thought I'd write today about cloth diapers. I used disposables with my other 2, and really hated to do it. But I knew no one who used CD, except for one cousin,
and she is the *crunchiest* person I know. I mean, she lived in Niger, working for the peace corps for 2 years, in a grass hut. Could I ever do that--no way! So I figured cloth diapers were just too crunchy for me too.

But this time around, with the twins, I feel sick to my stomach thinking of all the disposable diapers we will go through, not to mention the costs, right?
And I've come to find a few friends who also use CD, and love them. So, a few months back, I started doing my research, and let me just say, I've been blown away! By the options, the ease, the people who use seems like a new addiction--but a good one :)

There are soooo many otpiotn to choose from, it is actually a bit overwhelming. But I think I've
narrowed it down to just a few I want to try. And I'm going to try not to get too caught up in trying lots of new kinds--after all, I do want to save some money in the end :) I think I will go with one sized diapers, which means they are adjustable in size, and can be used for babies 8 pounds to around 25-30 pounds. I've also decided to try pocket diapers, specifically "Smartipants" so that I don't have to pull the insert out of the dirty diaper, but it will agitate itself right out in the wash. I'm also planning to try some gro-babies and maybe Bum Genius, too.

I'm going to buy a few different ones, once the babies are born, and try them to se which I like best. So, for the first few weeks, I'll be using diaposables, and I'm sure I'll keep some on hand to use for traveling (or days when the laundry is not done yet...) but for the most part, we're going to be giving our babies those cute little (BIG) fluffy booties that come from CD's.

I can't wait!!!

Here's a cute little video that a mom in New Zealand made about using Cloth "Nappies" and the message is pretty clear!
An Inconvenient Poop (just click on this title for the link)
Enjoy :)

Friday, September 25, 2009


First of all, I had to another post to get that "belly shot" off my front page--EEKS! I couldn't look at it another minute :)
So, I'm writing about the fireworks show in my belly. This morning, as I was lying in bed next to DH, with my belly pressed up against his, he was getting a big "kick" (pun intended) out of feeling the babies kick so much. Yes, it was still dark out, but they were wide awaking and kicking, and he could feel every one! He kept saying it was like fireworks--"You never know when to expect them and if they'll be big or small, but they're always so cool!"
Yeah, I guess they kind of are like that. I was glad that he was experiencing a tiny bit of what I'm feeling all day and all night--greater appreciation ;) And really, it is amazing, I'm just kind of growing immune to it, I guess. So, this was a great wake-up call for me to appreciate these little guys inside of me. After all, this is the last time I'll be feeling this, and I KNOW I'll be nostalgic for this feeling again someday soon after they are born, and for many years after that.
So, for now, I'm going to think of all this movement as fireworks and enjoy the show!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

28 weeks pictures...yikes!

With too-tight shirt (aren't they all?)

With all my *glorious* stretch marks!

With my sweet son touching my "outie"--his portal to communicate with his babies :)

28 weeks and our first *bump* in the road...

Yesterday we had another ultrasound with our MFM doctor's office. Everything is looking great with both babies. Baby A, our little guy, is no longer head down, but feet down, which I could have told them, based on all the kicks I'm getting in parts of my body that don't appreciate them :) Kicks in the bladder or intestines and other such areas are NOT fun! And he's weighing in at 2 lbs, 10 oz, which I am thrilled about! Baby B, our little lady, is still firmly tucked in at the tip-top of my belly, lounging her little body across the top of my uterus--with her feet right next to her brother's head! And I guess life is good for her there, as she's weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs, 14 oz, with a very full tummy and bladder! That's my girl!

We are so happy to have reached this milestone--the THIRD trimester! And with no complications so far :::knock on wood:::

There was some discouraging news though, based on Baby A's placenta, which is still only 2cm away from my cervix. It was exactly like this 4 weeks ago at our last u/s, and the doctor was fairly confident that it would "migrate" away from my cervix as my uterus grew. But apparently, my body had different plans, as the placenta is exactly where it was before. So what does this mean? Well, the doctors will not allow me to try for a vaginal delivery with a low-lying placenta, so if it doesn't move substantially before babies come, I'll be getting a c-section. Now, I know that lots of women have c-sections, and they're not terrible, but I'm really dreading it! I just think that it will be so hard to care for twins while recovering from a c-section, not to mention trying to be a good momma to my other 2 boys. But, I'm sure we will survive it--it just makes me sad to think I won't get experience the ultimate joy of pushing my babies into this world--there's just nothing like it!!!

So, this would mean we'd get to have a scheduled c-section, which would be so nice, as far as preparations and getting help with the boys. but the doctor said it would be scheduled for 39 weeks--what??? I'm not planning on going that long with these twins! I went to exactly 39 weeks with both of my boys--I can't do that with twins! I'm hoping that they are just saying that now, but as we get closer, they'll be able to move it up. Not that I'm looking for complications to arise, but if I'm going to have a c-section, I'd at least like to have it scheduled and not end up going into labor on my own.

The other thing that bums me out about a c-section is that throughout this pregnancy, I have been suffering with a complication called Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) which was formerly known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) in my 2 previous pregnancies. It's a really painful condition where the joint at the front of the pelvis, which is held together by ligaments, starts to separate due to the hormones in your body. This normally happens at the end of the pregnancy, so that the baby can fit through the pelvis. But, for me, it starts very early. So, I develop that pregnant "waddle" very early on, and every movement becomes very painful. Walking is painful, climbing stairs is miserable, and turning over in bed or getting up to standing from laying down are excruciating. So, there is no escape from the pain, except to have the babies. Needless to say, I am really, really ready to have this pain be GONE and feel like myself again. And now, with the impending c-section, it looks like I'll be trading one debilitating pain for another--at least for awhile. And that's a bummer, because I've been so looking forward being able to move around comfortably after the babies arrive. Oh'll get better soon enough.

Ok, that's all for now. I'm going to go try to take some pics right now, as I LOVE seeing the pics of other women who are pregnant with multiples--makes me feel better!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

27 weeks down

Yay! I've survived another week! And as of next week, I'll be through that "very early pre-term" stage, which means that if the babies choose to make their arrival sooner than expected, they should be a-ok! Not that I'm planning for that :)

At my OB check this week, everything still looks really good. Great BP, strong baby heartbeats, and my cervix is still going strong! It's nice to hear all that good news.
I go next monday for another ultrasound, and I can't wait to see how big the babies are now! I'm thinking they will be around 2 lbs each. I'm continuing to gain some weight--but I guess it;s supposed to be this way. As of now, I've gained 36 pounds. Oh, and those measurements they like to do at the OB--I'm measuring 35 weeks right now! Yikes! It's no wonder I *feel* like I should be almost done with this pregnancy, when in reality I've still got a long way to go!

As for me, well, I am completely uncomfortable and not feeling up to much anything these days. The smallest outings really wear me out, so I don't go much of anywhere. Except of course, my children have places to go and things to do! So I'm running around more than I'd like, but at least it makes time go by quickly. As much as I'd like to stay home on the couch all day, I want to keep their lives as normal as possible before everything changes for all of us. So, off we go, to music classes, CCD, soccer, etc. The bad news is that my house is really suffering, as the messes pile up and the cobwebs collect in every corner. I just don't have it in me to clean.

I'm also trying to think of things I need to do to prepare fro the babies, but I'm feeling like we just need to relax and prepare mentally more than anything else. I've got the baby gear, and lots of neutral clothes for the early days. I guess I'd like to get a good pump and a decent monitor, and eventually purchase those cloth diapers, but if the babies came soon, we'd be fine
(I think!)

Monday, August 31, 2009

25 weeks

25 weeks today--yay! Every week down is cause for celebration, right?
I had another OB check today, and got the great news that everything is looking just fine. It was fun to be able to tell the nurse exactly where the babies were so she could hear the heartbeats! The bummer news was that now I need to start going there every week--yikes! Every week? Already? I though that would start in October, not September. But, no, it begins next week. And now that it isn't summer anymore, finding a babysitter for my other two guys is really more difficult, but I certainly would like to avoid bringing them to the appointments, especially since I get the privilege of being checked internally at each visit.
On top of those weekly appts, I also am trying something new this week--Physical therapy. In each of my pregnancies, I have suffered with pelvic pain, but this time around it is much worse. So, we're going to see if PT will have any effect--I'm kinda doubtful, but willing to try anything at this point, to get through the day. Fingers crossed...
I'm going to try to figure out how to post a picture, but that'll have to be later.
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recording this journey

I've decided that I'm going to keep a record of this pregnancy, to document the highs and lows, ups and downs, and general changes that accompany a twin pregnancy.

I've been pregnant before, twice actually, with two beautiful boys to prove it. But this time around, as we double down with our twins, it's been an entirely different ballgame, so to speak.

As for now, here are the basics. I am married (13 years!) have a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old here at home with me. We decided to try for one more, and ended up with two (bonus!) so we'll be going from 2 kiddos to 4 (yikes!). I am 34 years old, so I fall into that fabulous category of "Advanced Maternal Age," as I will be 35 by the time they arrive. Which by due date is December 14th, but by all likelihood, will be sometime after Nov 7 (my brother's wedding) and Thanksgiving, which falls at 37 1/2 weeks.

So, right now I am 24 weeks and 6 days. I go to the OB every other week, and the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor once a month. The babies look great so far. Baby A is another boy, and he is currently on my left side, head down. Baby B is my girl (finally!) and she is till transverse, across the top of my belly. They are both weighing in at about 1.5 lbs, so right on track fro where they should be.

I think that about covers it--I'm gonna stop, because I am worn out from setting this blog up! But I'll check back in again soon.
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