Wednesday, October 21, 2009

32 weeks and all is well :)

So, I know it's been ages, but there really isn't much to report--happily! So far I have been blessed with a fairly uneventful twin pregnancy, and for that, I am so thankful! I'd been worrying throughout this journey that we wouldn't be able to handle many complications with our two other little guys at home. I mean, how could we survive bedrest? Or extended hospital stays? So, Ive been doing all I can to take it easy--rest and relax as much as possible, and all other things, like housework and shopping, have been handled by my wonderful husband :)
So, this week we have reached that wonderful milestone--32 weeks! I am so happy! We had an ultrasound on monday, and everything looks just great! The babies are both growing nicely, with Baby A weighing 3 lbs, 15 oz, and Baby B weighing 4 lbs, 6 oz. Baby B has always been bigger than her brother, so I wasn't surprised by this news. I'll be curious to see how big they end up, as it seems that so many times, these u/s estimates are kind of far off. but my tech says there is only a 1/2 pound of give or take--hmmm, we'll see :) But no matter what, they are growing and getting bigger--yay! My other boys weighed 7-5 and 8-2, so I'm already topping them, and I've still got a good few weeks to grow!
The only news that I didn't like hearing was that Baby A is still breech, and shows no signs of turning--I think he's very comfy right where he is--although his sister has been kicking him in the head for weeks now, so you'd think he's like to turn around, just to kick her back :) In fact, that's what I'm coaching him to do now, when I talk to him--wonder if he'll listen? If not, we're sure to have a c-section, which I'm not thrilled about, but we will do it if we have to.
I also had my first weekly non-stress test, and that was a piece of cake. Both babies passed with flying colors, and it was a nice chance for me to sit back and relax--who knows how many chances I'll get to do that?
And as for me, the further along we get, the more uncomfortable I feel. I'm just not sure how these next 6 weeks are going to go--it's so hard right now. I can hardly walk, sleeping is so uncomfortable, and my belly is just so huge and uncomfortable, too.
And the latest is that my face is really starting to puff up--my lips are so full--it's ca-razy! But the rest of my face is full too, which is not nearly as appealing :) I swear my nose has even grown--hope it'll return to normal afterwards. My fingers and toes have started to swell, too, nothing major, but not so comfy. And I'm hot--very hot, anytime I'm out in public anywhere. I feel like a furnace, set on high heat--ugh!
Well, taht's about it for now. I promise to update more often, especially since so many of the pregnant twin mommy blogs I've been reading are now having their babies :) Oh, and I'll post a new picture shortly--although it's not a pretty picture :)

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