Monday, August 31, 2009

25 weeks

25 weeks today--yay! Every week down is cause for celebration, right?
I had another OB check today, and got the great news that everything is looking just fine. It was fun to be able to tell the nurse exactly where the babies were so she could hear the heartbeats! The bummer news was that now I need to start going there every week--yikes! Every week? Already? I though that would start in October, not September. But, no, it begins next week. And now that it isn't summer anymore, finding a babysitter for my other two guys is really more difficult, but I certainly would like to avoid bringing them to the appointments, especially since I get the privilege of being checked internally at each visit.
On top of those weekly appts, I also am trying something new this week--Physical therapy. In each of my pregnancies, I have suffered with pelvic pain, but this time around it is much worse. So, we're going to see if PT will have any effect--I'm kinda doubtful, but willing to try anything at this point, to get through the day. Fingers crossed...
I'm going to try to figure out how to post a picture, but that'll have to be later.
Thanks again for reading :)

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