Friday, September 25, 2009


First of all, I had to another post to get that "belly shot" off my front page--EEKS! I couldn't look at it another minute :)
So, I'm writing about the fireworks show in my belly. This morning, as I was lying in bed next to DH, with my belly pressed up against his, he was getting a big "kick" (pun intended) out of feeling the babies kick so much. Yes, it was still dark out, but they were wide awaking and kicking, and he could feel every one! He kept saying it was like fireworks--"You never know when to expect them and if they'll be big or small, but they're always so cool!"
Yeah, I guess they kind of are like that. I was glad that he was experiencing a tiny bit of what I'm feeling all day and all night--greater appreciation ;) And really, it is amazing, I'm just kind of growing immune to it, I guess. So, this was a great wake-up call for me to appreciate these little guys inside of me. After all, this is the last time I'll be feeling this, and I KNOW I'll be nostalgic for this feeling again someday soon after they are born, and for many years after that.
So, for now, I'm going to think of all this movement as fireworks and enjoy the show!


  1. By the way, I would suggest buying some sized diapers for the beginning. I can't see twins, who will likely be premature (hopefully not too early, though!), fitting in even the smallest setting in a one size diaper. I'd suggest maybe some small Fuzzi Bunz. =)

    Also, I like my bumGenius...but not nearly as much as my Smartipants! And they are cheaper. =D

  2. ...I don't think my first comment posted!

    Congrats on the twins. I'm glad that my Smartipants review was helpful...they are mine and hubby's favorite diaper so far! No laundry tabs to fool with, great fit, and the easiest diaper to wash so far! The snaps are super sturdy, and the rise is high enough that I think it'll last for a long time. I don't see them fitting on a newborn, but there are other sized diapers that will work for the newborn stage.

    Feel free to email me at with any questions! Cloth diapering is fun and easy...I think you'll love it as much as I do!

  3. Thanks! I actually think we will use newborn sposies until the one-size cd's fit the babies. Plus, I fear I'll be too out of it to handle CD's just yet :)
    The other CD's I'm looking at are gro-babies--any experience with those?